The Best Dog Groomers in Boynton Beach


A dog groomer is the best one-stop for the pup to look their best, from nail trimming to complete revamping, such as showering, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, and nail polishing. So, if you are in Boynton Beach with your dog and want to know about the best dog groomers in town, you are in the right place. 

Dog groomers offer different packages, as per your need, and they pay special attention to elderly dogs because of their age demands. Here is a list of the  best dog groomers in Boynton Beach for ample options.

Pet Spot Grooming of Boynton Beach

Pet Spot Grooming is one of the best grooming places in the town. The spot is famous for its professional grooming services. The owner Brett and groomer Gabby are known for their compassion and care toward the pets they handle. 

Highly recommended by locals, Pet Spot Grooming offers complete services for different breeds of dogs. They also provide portable services if you do not want to visit their shop. They have consistently received the Neighbourhood Favourite award for the last five years. The services are extensive, and therefore the prices are reasonable. 

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Scenthound is one of the most reliable options for your dog’s wellness and hygiene because their main objective is to keep your pup clean and healthy. Since every dog needs routine care, some need a haircut and some blow-outs, and so their packages are categorized into three options – essentials, blow-outs, and haircuts. 

However, the trial package includes a bath, ear cleaning, nail clip, and teeth brushing. Also, they have a detailed six-point wellness check for your pup right from the teeth to the skin and the glands. The pricing depends on the size, density, and condition of the dog. You can use their mobile app to get more information. 


Jackie’s Grooming Spa and Hotel

This grooming spa is owned by Jackie, who is dedicated to providing quality care to cats and dogs. With more than 20 years of experience in this field, Jackie loves offering services to the pets in her grooming spa and hotel. 

The spa has all the necessary features, such as bathing, teeth cleaning, shampooing, nail clipping, de-shedding, and de-skunking treatment. The base price starts at only $10 for a single job such as ear cleaning or a flea bath. They also offer different products, such as pet accessories and toys.


DOG Unleashed

The Dog Unleashed offers detailed care for your four-legged friend. Their mission is to provide the ultimate care for your pup while you are away. They have a wide range of services, such as a Dog park & bar, Dog Boarding, Dog grooming, and Daycare. 

Dog Unleashed is passionate about pampering canines with tenderness and love. They have a variety of packages available as per your dog’s needs, which include quick baths, full grooming, style clippings, facials, color dye, and more. 


Pets of Perfection

The owner of Pets of Perfection aims to deliver positive and comfortable care to your pup. They are committed to providing a stress-free environment and a tidy and soothing experience. 

They offer plenty of services on their menu, such as hydro-massage, sanitary trimmings, nail trimmings, teeth brushing and breath spray, pad moisturizing treatment, nail trim-file and polishing, and many more. They also make sure to fulfill if your pet has some special needs, such as custom hair colors or coat design sculpting. 


Majestic Pets

As the name reflects, Majestic Pets is one of the recommended premium grooming salons in Boynton Beach. The company has three Rs motives – Relax, Revive, and Repeat. Their services include a complete makeover of your pup with a certified stylist. 

They have three set packages, Bath Time, which includes eye cleaning, ear cleaning, nail trimming, hydro massage with conditioning, and full blow dry. The second one is Just a Trim, offering sanitary cut and shaving, trimming around the pad and paws, scissoring up ears, pastern and hocks, and even outgrowth. The third one is Majestic Pets Royalty Works, which comprises breed-specific styled trims and cuts, simple comfort shave downs, hand stripping, and more. 


Best Friends Pet Grooming

Best Friends Pet Grooming delivers unparalleled care and attention to your dog. They aim to provide you with their cage-free grooming services. Their team is equipped with all the necessary tools and techniques to offer the best results. 

Best Friends Pet Grooming has a comprehensive team with a deep love for animals such as dogs and cats. They have different slots and packages available, and you can call them to get more information about your dog’s grooming. 


INN The Dog House Grooming

INN the Dog House provides Boarding, Day Care, and Grooming services. If you are specifically looking for their grooming services, they offer a wide range of treatments for your pup. Their services include quick baths, full grooming, style clippings, facials, color dye, and more. 

The basic package includes shampoo and blow dry, nails clipped, ears cleaned, and anal glands are expressed upon request only. The advanced package includes shampoo and blow dry, hair cut with style, and sanitary parts cleaned, and the rest are the same as the basic package. 



It is essential to keep the dog’s hygiene in check for their health and well-being, which requires routine grooming sessions. To cater to your dog’s grooming needs, you can find numerous groomers in Boynton Beach, so enjoy the best services offered and keep your dog healthy.  

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